in Sarajevo!

  Being invited at the regional conference of the partner organisations of the Franco-German Youth Office was truly amazing.We celebrated the 15th anniversary of the FGYO’s Initiative in South Eastern Europe Initiative in June 2015, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the week, where I had the pleasure to meet lots of great people working for other Youth organisations in France, Germany and in the Balkans, as well as officials representing Youth ministries and agencies of the countries of the Western Balkans. These officials have been working since then on the great project of a Regional Youth Cooperation Office for the Balkan Region to promote mobility within the region, and in this want, to promote interregional understanding among the youngsters of the Balkan Region to speed up the reconciliation process. During this amazing week, full of workshops, visits of NGO’s based in Sarajevo, formal and informal discussions with great persons involved in the civil society, we took the time to improve our ideas and projects together, to exchange points of views and our different way of building youth projects.

In the meanwhile, Eleonore was taking part in the workshops of the Young Thinkers, a Think Tank of youngsters from France, German and the Western Balkans. They were all so inspiring and truly committed in the redaction of a declaration of the Youth dressed to political leaders, submitting a motion of resolutions on EU-Balkans cooperation as well as intraregional cooperation in the Balkans. It is always such a pleasure to see Youth taking actions for the future, especially in this region that suffers from a terrible brain drain and youth unemployment, facing a very nationalistic and conservative political elite that has a relative low will to hear and understand wishes of the younger generation.As a newly born association, it was amazing to be able to participate to this event. We were dreaming about the creation of a Youth Office for Western Balkans and now, the people we met in Sarajevo have made our dreams come true since the conference. Indeed, the project of a Regional Youth Cooperation Office has been made official by Prime Ministers of each countries of the Balkan Region at the Vienna Summit of August 2015. Congratulations ! Such an initiative has to be implemented everywhere so the fraternal link can be strengthened through cooperation and intercultural dialogues. That is precisely why we created Talk.France and we cannot wait to work on lots of projects with all these amazing persons.

You can find a pictures of the event on our Facebook page. 
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