From Paris, with love.

Dear friends,

Those past days have once again put humanity into test. It has faced terror and horror. We cannot close our eyes any longer to the actions of Daesh that no one really wants to face. Seeing this extreme violence forces us to question ourselves, to make an introspection of our societies.

From Paris to Beirut, our thoughts and prayers are directed to the whole world, and more particularly to the victims and their relatives, which we are also part of.

2015 comes to an end; it is time for me to assess what we have accomplished this year in terms of construction and challenges. We have definied our values and sense of commitment to provide the best possible foundations for our association.

It is our duty, us actors of civil society, to preserve the unity, not only in France. We are different in our ideas, our cultures, our beliefs or colour but we are similar, brothers and sisters, citizens of the world. It is this solidarity and unity which highlights the sense of humanity but above all fight this barbaric ideology. I think it is unfortunately necessary to stress once again that these monsters are neither our fellows, nor citizens of the world. They claim to act in God’s name but it soils the commandments of love and peace. It is said that religion is perfect, but humans are bad. But how to fight madness? It is crucial for us to strengthen interreligious dialogue and non-formal education. Within our management team, we have combined all the beliefs: we co-exist but mostly we exist together. We want to continue to spread this message of acceptance of others.

Europe has also experienced the past months an influx of refugees. Many of you face directly this humanitarian challenge. I send my deepest sympathies and invite you to share your needs and project desires. We cannot yield to xenophobia and amalgams. I saw Paris crying. Shocked, I wondered what world we were going to leave to our children. But the question is: what will we do to change it?

Our common commitment once again takes all its importance. Human rights, environment, peace, freedom… Everything is questioned. That is why we must keep going to build tomorrow’s world.

President of TALK. France


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