Hands can TALK.

Sign language exists pretty much all over the world, each language has its signing technics. In 2013, 137 sign languages were known all over the world. It is the bridge between the deaf/mute community and the hearing one.

  It can involve silmutaneously hand shapes, movement of the hands, arms or body, and facial expressions to express a letter, a word, an action or a concept. Sadly not lots of hearing people are able to sign and deaf or mute people often suffers from inaccessibility to the hearing world. The deaf/mute community is most of the time stigmatized as uncapable.

  To change that, TALK. France is starting weekly workshops at Louis Aragon Elementary School in Niort (France) with kids (7/8 yo). The aim to this initiative is to teach them basic sign language, give them the opportunity to learn about this community, to shatter discrimination and help them to grow as open-minded kids.

Educating the youth is the only way to change tomorrow’s world.

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