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  Clémence and Ira spent the week in Kayseri in the middle of Turkey, next to Cappadocia, for an Erasmus+ project : 2015-TR01-KA105-024474, organized by Mustafa Yildiz from Gönülü kültür elçileri. It was a training course oriented on intercultural mixity and how to live in an intercultural environment with lots of differents countries represented.
Tunisia, Jordan, Serbia, Turkey, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Egypt and Slovenia met in the Serace Hotel for lots of fun through the week. We did several ice breakers, energizers, role play, and intercultural activities that we can now use for our own projects and the youth meetings we will held in the future. On Saturday evening, we held an organization fair in order to present our work and country. The last two project days were spent with an amazing trainer from the Turkish national agency with whom we worked hard to write new projects and work on our methods. We spent the last visiting the beautiful wonders of Cappadocia and finished by a Turkish night with traditional dancers. It was a lovely week, spent with amazing people.

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