Global Youth Rising 2016

Next July 2016, Talk.France will take actively part in the Global Youth Rising Project, that will take place in the heart of Transylvania in Romania. As Talk.France is a really young NGO, (not even a year old!), it doesn’t have the sufficient funds to pay the program fees (500€/participant). Therefore we are asking for generosity and support from our contacts and networks to enable Talk.France to take part to this incredible event.

The Global Youth Rising 2016 is a gathering of dedicated, passionate, motivated youth activists and peacebuilders from across the globe. The aim of the project is to come together to learn, share, build and exchange their experiences from their movements and organizations. The project will last 10 days, from 10th to 20th July in the Region of Cluj-Napoca in the heart of Romania.

Talk.France wants to take part to this event to boost and improve its development as a young NGO. Taking part to this project will enable us to learn from the “Know How” and Feedbacks from other participants, in a horizontal-sharing method.

We would like you to support the participation of two of our team members, therefore we hope to raise 1000€ until the beginning of the Global Youth Rising 2016, i.e. July 2016. The money raised will be used to pay the participation fees only. You can donate here!

Talk.France would be really thankful to receive the help from our colleagues, friends, and partners. As Talk.France also aims to promote “solidary behavior” in its programs, this crowdfunding campaign means a lot to us as well. Smaller and bigger contributions are welcome and truly appreciated, you can donate from 1€. If you don’t wish to donate money, you can share this campaign to your network as well.


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