Like any newborn, TALK. France brings us sleepless nights, stress and fear of failure but also profound joy, excitement and a lot of work. Let me tell you a bit more about us, about how we see things and what we want to do. TALK. comes from a British initiative aiming to reinforce intercultural cooperation and strengthen social dialogue within the youth. It is being developed all around the world to different levels.

A multicultural team built this association. Our project leaders are from France with a strong love of Europe and international mobility. We want to connect young people from the entire European continent and the EuroMed countries, and as well Africa, in order to give them the opportunity to learn about others and grow as a team and as individuals, to open their mind. We believe borders are meant to be crushed, so we can build a strong network of solidarity and friendship between different societies.

Youth in France is facing many problems today, starting with the lack of jobs, the pessimism and the fear of others pushing people to live in closed groups. The recent events showed us that social dialog has been overshadowed. Clichés and stereotypes are used as an excuse for discrimination. Interfaith dialog has to be implemented in order to build a sustainable peace. Creativity has to be encouraged. Solidarity has to be taught.

After taking part in the South Eastern European conference for partner organizations of the French-German Youth Office (OFAJ-DFJW) in June 2015 in Sarajevo, it became clear that the Balkans were the perfect region for us to progress with. French people don’t know much about Eastern Europe. What they had to deal with the last twenty years is so inspiring. We want to motivate our youngsters to take part in the civil society. Their engagement is our success.

If you want to support us, share the news: we are waiting for you. Ideas, partners, new projects, financial contributions, a Like and a Share on social media are everything we need.

TALK. France