SCAYP, Strengthen Cooperation Among Young People, is a project lead by ECEPAA. Along with Ecos do Sur, Garcia Lorca and Youth Center of Epirus, TALK France is engaged in this 6 months project. More infos will come soon on the project.

  The increasing influx of asylum seekers to European countries, has made more important than ever to take action in increasing the possibility of their integration within the society. The main objective of this project is to facilitate integration of migrants and refugees through the participation in Erasmus+ programs and establishing new strategies to enhance the communication between young people from different cultures and ethnic groups.

  The purpose of SCAYP is to increase the communication through trust building between youth workers and young migrants/refugees, thanks to the introduction of the new working methodology, in order to raise the participation of young migrants and refugees  in Erasmus+ exchange programs.
-> Increase volunteers’ and youth workers’ skills :

              a. Communications skills;
b. Training to tackle problems;
c. Network with other youth associations to share best practices;
d. Create tailored programs to build trust with the help of other European partners.

The methodology that will apply on this the project will be of various types.  There consists in:

  1. Analysis;
  2. Development of innovative ideas;
  3. Sharing  best practises  ;
  4. Non-formal education.